Launch Your U.S. Business With Confidence

A Message from our CEO

Our goal for you is to help you launch your U.S. business with confidence which starts with a complete formation which is part of a solid foundation for your business.

As a client of NCP, you are able to enjoy the most comprehensive training center ever to help you launch your U.S. E-commerce business with confidence. Whether you are an FBA seller, selling on another platform, we are here to provide you the tools and services from company formation, to sales tax requirements, to foreign qualification and state income tax resources.

Please revisit the on a monthly/quarterly basis and read the important updates. This section is structured to do many powerful things for you:

  1. To help guide you through your corporate or LLC record book quickly so you can spend the time doing what you do best. You will have access to our online videos that walk you through step-by-step through each section of your record book.
  2. To help guide you through the next steps in your business including, banking, merchant accounts, tax and bookkeeping, sales tax, foreign qualification, and state and federal tax return responsibilities.
  3. To keep you updated on new insights that will maximize the benefits for your business including how to get into compliance with sales tax, tax advantage of the 2018 tax law changes, trademark your products, estate planning, immigration, and the best U.S. banking strategies.
  4. To provide you with the resources and strategies when operating a U.S. business and what is required to be in compliance.
  5. To provide you with powerful checklists to make sure you have dotted all your “I”s and crossed all your “t”s in your business.
  6. To provide you with outstanding customer service support for any additional resources you may need to launch your business with confidence.

If you have information you would like us to add to our website, please e-mail us at

Dedicated to your success,

Scott Letourneau